Have you ever come home at night only to realize you have lost power?  Standing in your entry in complete and total darkness, trying to navigate around a place you have lived in and with for years.  Suddenly, you realize this isn’t happening to anyone else in your neighborhood.  You make your way through the entry into the kitchen and WHAM – you inadvertently punt and stumble over the dog bowls; nearly taking a header on the kitchen counter.  You recover your balance and regain your wits you realize in your pocket, a precious source of light – your smartphone.  Fishing it out of your pocket with a sense of eagerness and excitement – thinking to yourself “I won’t be in the dark anymore” only to realize your battery is perilously close to being out of juice with no ability to recharge.  Now there’s a high price to pay every time I want to use this vital source of light, which must be used judiciously.  This light; which can only illuminate on demand and in the immediate area is no doubt valuable; but it does not solve the root problem.  It simply temporarily alleviates the symptom for as long as the device has a charge.  When the charge is spent; you’re in the dark. Again feeling your way through the pitch black of your own home, at the risk of breaking something; like a toe or a table lamp or something precious.

The foretold story is one most can relate to. Perhaps, you have already figured out, this is an intentional analogy for something IT related; and you’re right!  If you are a business owner or in a leadership role in your organization and you’ve never had a professional IT Assessment done on your existing IT environment; you are in the proverbial dark with respect to your IT.  Perhaps you have an internal resource that manages your IT; or you have an outside provider that comes in and fixes things when they break.  They hold the flashlight; and only they can shine light on things when needed; which only temporarily alleviates likely a symptom of a more systematic problem.  An IT Assessment, when done right, shines bright sunlight on your IT environment and illuminates the good, the bad, and the ugly within your IT.  Many IT providers may boast an IT Assessment offering – often running an automated tool that compiles a laundry list of detailed reports in what may as well be Greek to the average person.  Essentially; you’ve paid someone to click “Next” 10 times and then assign you the daunting task of attempting to make heads or tails out of the reports.

At Cadan Technologies; we’re committed to providing professional IT Assessments that result in tangible business value.  We combine multiple tool sets along with senior engineering expertise to deliver an assessment that uses the truck load of data to provide simple, actionable recommendations to shore up their IT environment.  We distill information we collect and simplify it into an easy to digest, one page document designed demystify the current state of your IT.  After 17 years working with all types of organizations on all things IT; I am convinced that an IT Assessment done right is THE BEST thing you can do for your IT.