Technology is changing all the time, every day, keeping us on our toes. From computers to tablets, console to online gaming, to payment methods – it is always changing. At times it seems futuristic, Jetsens-like. It can’t actually that easy to have the world at your fingertips, right? As we all get stuck in our habits, these technology changes throw many in to a tizzy. Slowly, but surely credit and debit cards are getting the chips put in them. That has been quite the adjustment, simply because we don’t have to swipe our card anymore. Then… just when we get adjusted, something new comes around. What if, that something “new” was your face? Seriously, your face.
Face detecting systems are starting to hold quite the value in China with the company Face++. Face++ has come up with technologies for facial recognition, detection, comparing and searching. The company is also expending to emotion recognition, beauty score, body recognition and detection. Face++ algorithms will begin to making an appearance with Alipay for transaction security, Camera 360 for photo editing and filtering, UCAR for a safe experience for both drivers and riders, and the list continues to grow.

The Value of a Face