Today’s workers are working remotely more than ever before; one study estimates 43% were working remotely in 2016*.  There are many different variations of how to do this and many are expensive, complicated and undependable.

VPN’s replaced remote desktop for security reasons and has better network management capabilities but it comes at a high overhead price to manage and support.  Another downside with VPN’s is they are slow, especially in public places and there is no guarantee they will not be blocked by the firewall, plus many people are using phones, iPads, tablets and various operating systems…enter the “CLOUD”!

The cloud simplifies many different issues with file sharing and network resources.  You just login into a website and the following issues are resolved:

  • File sharing and permissions do not require a team of “server” level employees
  • File versions and changes are tracked easily by people using them
  • Mobile devices just need to open a web browser with any operating system
  • No worries about the firewall, hardly anyone will black list a cloud sharing site

The cloud provides adequate security with a unique username and password for yourself or can include added security with integration of two factor authentication with a text or email to your phone.  The only limiting factor is an internet connection, but even then; you can save the document on your device and update the cloud later.

At Cadan Technologies have offered cloud file sharing to our clients and have seen all the benefits above, so check out how the cloud can work for you!


Illustration of icons interconnected to each other — Image by © TongRo Images/Corbis