As you’ve seen now in most public communication, the Coronavirus has emerged in the United States. Like other events out of our control, Cadan Technologies is prepared for the impact to our employees and clients. Our staff is working remotely when possible and remain completely operational. All paths of communication will remain in place as currently available under normal business conditions.

We have notified our external staff and employees to take precautions to prevent any spread of the virus and to that end we are adhering to official recommendations from both the Centers for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health as it pertains to the areas we work in and service. If it becomes necessary to remove, reschedule, or postpone a scheduled client engagement due to the possibility of exposure, we will work directly with our clients to meet the needs of your requirements. It’s possible that we may see an increase in reschedules, either to another employee or resource to a new date and time.

Cadan staff and services have begun the process of slowing and or eliminating on-site client or vendor activity until further notice. Clients may need to be more hands on to prevent exposure to one another during this time of limited socializing. Our employees are capable of working on or with clients and vendors through advanced remote tools and technology. We have video conferencing, Microsoft Teams and enhanced service tools that can remote to devices in most cases.

Effective 3/18/2020 and until further notice Cadan will change the following practices:

  1. Will call services will be changed to shipping inbound/outbound only
  2. Client and or onsite Cadan meetings will be suspended immediately and handled on a case by case basis
  3. Onsite client services will be on a case by case basis and subject to change or socializing requirements
  4. Office doors will be closed to general public
  5. Shipments will be loaded and unloaded by Cadan employee’s only and or drop shipped whenever possible

Please know that Cadan Technologies remains committed to ensuring our clients have the best possible experience. We’re here to help you so please reach out at your earliest convenience if there’s anything we can do to minimize any business impact on you.

Please feel free to share this information as needed.